I Received a Cricut Machine, Now What?


This is my story; this is my song about how I became a Cricut machine user and enthusiast! Perhaps you have a similar tune but with different lyrics.

November 2018

I had joined a Face Book group for preschool teachers because I am a preschool director/teacher/mentor for a small local preschool in Palmetto, FL.  In early November 2018, a teacher posted a picture of what she was making for the children in her classroom for Christmas. I queried her and asked her how she did the project and where to find the elves in the picture. I kept reading the thread and learned she had used a “Cricut” cutting machine to produce the names on Cricut Iron-on. I decided I wanted to make the elves for the children and staff at my preschool.

[Insert picture]

I began researching where to locate the elves locally before researching the machine.  I went to my local Dollar Tree store and discovered there were no stuffed Christmas Elves like the ones pictured to be found. I did some more research and found out this item gets put out on the floor in October. I was saddened by this but not discouraged. I spoke to the manager who said they may get another shipment in few more weeks. I checked every week. No Luck!